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Meet Earth Made NI

Urban Market is pleased to publish the second edition of our NI Business Spotlight, this month featuring our regular eco-friendly market trader, Earth Made NI.

Earth Made NI

Earth Made NI is a Belfast based brand offering ethical, natural and plastic-free shopping of feel good products, with an aim to being kind to the earth and yourself by making plastic-free living the new norm.

When did you start up your artisan business?

We started Earth Made in 2018 What inspired the concept for your business?

We felt a call to action after watching Blue Planet and seeing how our plastic waste was entering the oceans and posing a huge risk to wildlife and their habitats. It totally broke our hearts and we couldn't sit back and do nothing, so Earth Made was born.

What was your business mission at the outset? Does this compare to where you are now?

To help local families make simple and sustainable swaps to their home and lifestyle that protect our planet for future generations. This is still very much our mission, but as the awareness with the problem with single use plastics has grown since we began our business, we want to encourage people that one small change is better than none. It can be overwhelming, yes, but we don't have to be all or nothing. All we can do is try our best.

What do you enjoy most about your business and trading at Urban Market events? Meeting people who are passionate about our planet, people who are keen to make a little change that can have a huge impact on their plastic footprint. Of course, the traders also always make it a great day out, time just flies and craic is always ninety!

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